Day 2 Report of the British Radio A-Class Championships.

Again the light and variable wind conditions have produced a challenge for the Race Team to set a reasonable course. Only one round of sailing has been achieved in the morning session. Rob Walsh is leading the championship by a considerable distance after his performance yesterday. With the fleet taking an early lunch due to the conditions, there is a possible chance the regatta may finish early.

At last during the afternoon the wind briefly filled in. However, only 3 rounds of racing were completed during the whole day. Congratulations to Robert Walsh of Fleetwood who wins the Radio A-Class Championships.

Over the course of the 8 days and the 2 championships, skippers representing the Fleetwood club have completed a clean sweep of titles. As for myself, I finished on a high achieving A-fleet in the final race. A regatta not for big heavy yachts…😂

Thanks to everyone who have been following my posts and for your kind comments during the week.

Radio A Day 1

Day 1 Report from the British Radio A-Class Championships.

After 6 days of Vane sailing, it was the turn of the Radio fleet. 18 skippers arrived at Fleetwood for the start of this regatta. A light and variable southerly breeze presented the Race Team with a challenge when setting the course. With the wind coming across the lake, creating a reasonable beat to the windward mark was going to be difficult.

The conditions suited the lighter displacement yachts. The heavier and longer boats will struggle in these conditions. This has proved true, many of the more established skippers such as Derek Priestley, Graham Bantock, Peter Wiles and Darin Ballington have all spent time in B-Fleet today. However, Rob Walsh sailing his John Simpson design flyer, Vernon Appleton sailing a Sword and Chris Harris sailing a Martin Dovey design Pearl have all made strong starts.

As for me, the first two races I had rigging and steerage issues, then in 2 races I was involved in collisions which ultimately ended my promotional chances. The rest……. I just haven’t sailed well enough. My first season back at Radiosailing is proving to be a challenge and full of frustration. My luck will change soon I’m sure.

John Taylor’s final day report

Final Day Report of the British Vane A-Class Championships.

With a variable light northerly wind the fleet are finding the conditions difficult when trimming their yachts. The use of spinnakers is proving a challenge. Graham Butler has lost points this morning but he’s still clear at the top of the leader board.

Latest scores up to race 24….

John Taylor’s Day 5 report

Day 5 of the British Vane A-Class Championships.

The main event recommenced today with all skippers taking part. 7 rounds were completed and Graham Butler had another good day extending his lead at the top from Shawn Wyeth. Other news as the kids continued their own grudge matches, this time Amber Geldard taking all the points from Lewis Wyeth. It was good to see some old faces at the lakeside in Hughie Shields and Matin Dovey.

A number of skippers had good performances also, Damian Ackroyd, Peter Whiteside and Rob Vice all picking up useful points along the way. Tomorrow is the final day of this event and it promises to be an exciting finish.

Remember the Radio A-Class Championships starts Saturday…… Watch this space😎

John Taylor’s Day 4 report

Day 4 Report from the British Vane A-Class Championships.

At the halfway stage of the regatta Graham Butler (Fleetwood) is the leader from Shawn Wyeth (Gosport). In joint 3rd Peter Fothergill and Chris Harris both on 44 points. With 2 days to go there is still time for another twist in these championships.

However, today is a break from the main event. The fleet are competing for the Yachting Monthly Cup. (YMC). This competition is essentially a knock out race. The first round is a group of 4 boats which sail each other. The top 2 skippers who acquire the most points in that group move on to the next round. The rest return their boats to the clubhouse for the day. The next round is a straight knockout.

I’m pleased to see finally a previous design of mine launch into the water for the YMC. Susanne Lewis with Epemethius managed to launch and win with her boat today.

John Taylor’s Day 3 report

Day 3 Report of the British Vane A-Class Championships.

The wind has changed to a light easterly breeze. So far Shawn Wyeth is just in front of Graham Butler in the competition. However, another family grudge match between Shawn Wyeth (76) and his son Lewis (99). The beat started to be a close affair but unfortunately Lewis’s yacht banked which forced him to re-trim. This gave the advantage to Shawn who then crossed the line victorious. Then came the run. Lewis this time went ahead and found no trouble throughout the race to claim a share of the points. In terms of the overall championship with Lewis taking points from his dad, Shawn may have lost some momentum with Graham Butler still to race.

The afternoon session started with Graham Butler and his team sailing consistently well. There was another grudge match but this time between the kids. Amber Geldard vs Zac Roberts, it’s great to see the competitive spirit between them both. Zac came out as the winner this time. However, Amber Geldard has been picking up points along the way and is full of confidence prior to her race with her dad later.

A storm has suspended sailing at the moment…

John Taylor’s Day 2 report

Day 2 Report of the British Vane A-Class Championships.

The fleet is now split into two with the northern skippers competing this morning. The first grudge match was sailed between Martin Roberts (49) and his son Zac (32). Although Martin came out victorious fortune was on his side. For the beat it took a re-sail between the 2 before the winner was declared. Zac made a great start on his dad until the 2 boats touched prior the first turn. On the run, Zac again was in command as both boats raced with their spinnakers flying. Unfortunately, the spinnaker boom on Zac’s boat detached from the mast causing his boat to broach, Martin and his team took advantage of this misfortune and limped over the finishing line.

More to follow..

John Taylor’s Day 1 report

Day 1 Report of the British Vane A-Class Championships.

15 knots of wind and driving rain greeted the 17 skippers for the start of this 5 day long regatta. The skippers were a mix of experience, youth and complete novices, who have come forward with their boats. It is fantastic to see families out with their sons and daughters, all of them representing the next generation of Model Yachts men and women. Despite the growing fierce competition at the top of the fleet, else where let’s not forget the A-Class Championships is a family affair. The kids are looking to get their one over on their more established parents. This is so with the Roberts, Wyeth and Geldard families.

Later in the day the rain eased as well as the westerly wind to about 8 knots. Shawn Wyeth, Peter Fothergill and Graham Butler have made a good start to their campaign, but there is a long way to go yet.

Scores to follow…